From Classroom to Cashless: Newroz University, Nass Company (NassWallet)’s Visionary Alliance

From Classroom to Cashless: Newroz University, Nass Company (NassWallet)’s Visionary Alliance May 13th, 2024

ERBIL, KURDISTAN REGION – IRAQ: Newroz University, a trailblazer in academic endeavors, and Nass Company (NassWallet), a frontrunner in the fintech sphere, have officially sealed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) focused on fostering a symbiotic relationship between academia and the fintech industry. This landmark agreement heralds a transformative alliance aimed at propelling youth empowerment and advancing financial inclusivity throughout Iraq. The collaboration between Newroz University and Nass Company (NassWallet) signifies a strategic amalgamation of academic prowess and industry expertise, poised to redefine the landscape of electronic payments through innovative research endeavors and practical solutions. At its core, this partnership is geared towards nurturing a new generation of innovators primed to lead the digital finance revolution. Central to this collaboration is the shared objective of Newroz University and Nass Company (NassWallet) to equip young professionals with the requisite skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a dynamic digital economy. Through joint initiatives such as specialized training programs, mentorship opportunities, and collaborative publications, the partnership aims to empower the youth with industry-relevant expertise, thereby fortifying the workforce and nurturing future leaders. In addition to the collaborative initiatives outlined in the partnership with Newroz University, Nass Company (NassWallet) recently organized a thought-provoking seminar and interactive workshop on campus, further solidifying our commitment to knowledge exchange and practical skill development. The seminar, led by industry experts from Nass Company (NassWallet), delved into emerging trends and innovations in the fintech landscape, providing students with invaluable insights into the future of digital finance. Waleed Khalid, CEO of Nass Company (NassWallet), underscored the significance of this partnership, emphasizing its role in paving the way for impactful opportunities and sustainable solutions. "Our collaboration with Newroz University underscores our shared commitment to fostering innovation and driving socioeconomic progress," stated Khalid. "By bridging the gap between academia and the private sector, we are laying the groundwork for transformative research that is pivotal for societal development." By leveraging the collective expertise of both entities and harnessing insights from global leaders in the payment industry, Newroz University and Nass Company (NassWallet) are poised to drive tangible impact in the realm of financial education and inclusion. Through concerted efforts in research, innovation, and knowledge dissemination, the partnership seeks to chart a path towards a more inclusive and prosperous future for Iraq. The collaboration between Newroz University and Nass Company (NassWallet) epitomizes a shared vision of leveraging education, innovation, and collaborative synergy to effect positive change. With a steadfast commitment to advancing financial literacy and fostering inclusive growth, this partnership stands as a beacon of progress and opportunity for the youth of Iraq.

About Nass Company (NassWallet) Licensed by Central Bank of Iraq, Nass Company (NassWallet) was established in 2019 as an innovative customer centric, convenient, powerful digital finance center that lives on a customer’s mobile device. It is created to provide greater financial access to the largely unbanked but highly connected population of Iraq to make the leap from cash to a cashless society. Licensed as a Principal Visa member for Issuing and Acquiring in 2022. Additional information about NassWallet and its full line of products and services can be found at:

About Newroz University Newroz University is a renowned institution of higher education committed to academic excellence. It was established in 2004 in Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq and offers 14 academic departments at four colleges of Law and Politics, Administration and Economics, Languages, and Engineering and Science. With a focus on preparing students for successful careers, Newroz University offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines, fostering a culture of innovation and critical thinking.

Contact: Kardo Dlir Farhan Head of Public Relations M: +964 (0) 750 550 5040 E: [email protected]

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