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How do I get a NassWallet account?

We’ve made opening a NassWallet account convenient and accessible to everyone, everywhere in Iraq. You can open an account by visiting your nearest NassWallet branch and authorized agents located throughout Iraq. You must take the necessary documents/forms with you to complete the registration process and activate (NassWallet Permanent Account) with a transaction limit of 10 million IQD.

Alternatively, you can self-register through the NassWallet app on your mobile device. Note that self-registration provides you with (NassWallet Primary Account) with a transaction limit of 1 million IQD. To continue enjoying NassWallet’s many benefits, visit your nearest branch or authorized agent to upgrade to a (Permanent Account).

How can I find the nearest branch or authorized agent?

You can find your nearest branch or authorized agent by visiting

Alternatively, through the NassWallet app, tap on Network.

When tapping on network, you will see the phone number of the branch or authorized agent and their location.

You can also locate the shops that accept NassWallet (NassWallet merchants).

What documents do I need to provide for opening a NassWallet account?

To open a NassWallet account, you must provide two documents, as follows:

For Iraqis:

  • Civil ID, National ID, or Passport (one of those documents).
  • Information Card or Supply Card.

For non-Iraqi nationals':

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Residency Card (if he/she is in Kurdistan Region) with a support document from (Mukhtar) mentioning his/her address (one of those documents).


  • A valid passport or UNCHR certificate (one of those documents).

Residency Card or any supporting document.

Is there a fee for opening a NassWallet account?

No, there is no fee for opening an account with NassWallet.

How can I add money to my NassWallet Account?

You can add money to your account by cashing in through branches and authorized agents, using your Mastercard or Visa card, or by making transfers from other wallets.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

There is no minimum balance or deposit. However, the maximum balance and transaction limit of daily and monthly transactions are subject to the type of wallet account you hold with NassWallet.

Primary Wallet: IQD 1 million per month.

Permanent Wallet: IQD 10 million per month.

Is there a fee for adding money to my NassWallet?

No, adding money to NassWallet is free of charge wherever you go.

Is my money safe with NassWallet?

Your money is fully protected by the Central Bank of Iraq. NassWallet is a certified and registered payment service provider for mobile phones and is PCI-DSS certified.

Do I need to be an Iraqi national to open a NassWallet account?

No, but you need to be a resident in Iraq.

Can I open a NassWallet account with any telecom service provider?

Yes, you may register your NassWallet account with any telecom service provider inside Iraq.

What does available balance mean?

Your available balance is the total amount of money you have in your wallet.

Do I need a bank account to open NassWallet?

No, you do not require a bank account to sign up for NassWallet.

Can I open a NassWallet account for my family and friends?

No, opening a NassWallet account requires the account holder to provide their personal identification documents, sign and accept the terms and conditions of using the wallet as per the regulatory requirements of the Central Bank of Iraq.

Can I withdraw my money after I have deposited it in the wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw your deposited funds at over 1000 NassWallet branches and authorized agents anytime, anywhere.

Can I change the limit of my wallet?

No, the limit of all the wallet accounts provided are set by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Can I have more than one wallet account?

No, you can have only one NassWallet account.

How can I download NassWallet app?

You can download the NassWallet app easily on either iOS App Store or Android Google Play.

Can I transfer money to someone?

Yes, you can make instant transfers to anyone, anywhere in Iraq, with just a few taps through the NassWallet app.

How can I block/freeze my NassWallet?

You can block or freeze your NassWallet account by either visiting one of our over 1000 branches and agents or contacting our customer service professionals at +964 750 900 0900.

Can I top-up my mobile number?

Yes, you can top-up your mobile number and even send credit to friends and family.

Need to make a complaint?

If you have not received the best service, we always encourage you to tell us so that we can put it right. We want to make it easy for you to tell us when things go wrong, to resolve your complaint without any delay, and to make sure you are satisfied with how we have solved it.
You can complain through one of the following methods:

In person, visit your nearest NassWallet branch.

In writing, send us an email to support with your full name and contact number, explaining in as much detail the reason for your complaint.

By phone, call our customer service professionals at +964 750 900 0900

Have more questions? 

You can contact our customer service professionals 24/7.

Call us: +964 750 900 0900 | 6662

E-mail: [email protected]

Live Chat: via NassWallet or inside the NassWallet app