What is NassWallet?

NassWallet is an innovative customer centric, convenient, powerful digital finance center that lives on your mobile device. It is created to provide greater financial access to the largely unbanked but highly connected population of Iraq to make the leap from cash to a cashless society.

Founded in 2019 with headquarters in Erbil, NassWallet provides individuals, businesses and government institutions a digitalised way to make everyday spending and savings to disbursing salaries and incentive, receiving payments, sending money and paying bills easily and securely.

This is a new money experience for a everyone, everywhere in Iraq. It leaps light years beyond traditional banking to create a more sophisticated financial reality where access is everything, speed is instant, trust and security are foundational, and all things cashless revolves around the consumer.

NassWallet for individual

NassWallet gives people alternative solution to banking, empowering them to shop, pay, send money, save, receive, and manage their entire financial needs all with just with few taps in one place on their mobile device.

NassWallet for business

NassWallet enables businesses to provide customers with a multichannel experience (instore & online) an important component for generating revenue and boosting efficiency. While making their end-to-end revenue cycle, from payment acceptance through reconciliation and posting, to be seamless to execute and manage.

NassWallet for government and NGO

NassWallet provides governments and NOGs a transparent and highly efficient digital centre to make bulk salary and incentive payments in minutes across Iraq. As well as receive payment for public sector services and collect donations in a modernised way.

NassWallet is digitising the financial sector of Iraq: